Oconee Presbyterian Church

01-19-20, Are You Ready, Week 3 of 3, Gather Your Friends

January 19, 2020

This Sunday is Rev. Joel's last Sunday with us before we send him to his next calling at the Presbyterian Church of Chestertown. www.presbyterianchestertown.org  This week, Rev. Joel shared some of his own call story, and how this scripture passage from Matthew 4 has been a part of Joel's call into ministry, Joel's call to Oconee Pres 8 years ago, and now Joel's call to Chestertown. But he reminds us, the call of God is for us all. We are ALL called into God's grace, and into service of God's kingdom. Every call is as unique as the individual being called. And sometimes, the call of God comes as silence, meaning no matter what we choose, God is with us.

Rev. Joel L. Tolbert, preaching Matthew 4

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