Oconee Presbyterian Church

01-27-19, Come Follow Me, Week 4 of 14, Inward Discipline of Fasting

January 27, 2019

Note: This sermon is not the ACTUAL one preached on Sunday, as that file was not recorded. This one is a rerecording of the sermon at a later date, after the missing file was realized. So, while much of the content and structure is the same, it was not exactly the same as the one heard on Sun Jan 27. We hope you still find it helpful!

Jesus knew fasting. He himself fasted. And, he said his disciples WILL fast. But do we? What is a fast? Is it safe? What good does it do? Let's look back over a few of the stories of fasting from the Hebrew bible, hear Jesus' confrontation with Pharisees and Scribes over fasting, and imagine what would happen if we as a congregation fasted, even for just 30 hours. Rev. Joel L. Tolbert preaching Luke 5.

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