Oconee Presbyterian Church

02-17-19, Come Follow Me, Week 7 of 14, Outward Discipline of Solitude

February 17, 2019

Warning! The Audio from this podcast is not direct from the soundboard but indirect through a second microphone at the back of the sanctuary. Therefore, you will hear some other noises, like a baby cough, or a conversation. Do your best to focus and let those "tempting" voices fade away and stay with the Scripture and Sermon!

This week, we learn about the Outward discipline of Solitude. Jesus began his ministry with a trip into solitude. There, alone, he heard the tempting voices. Do you know those voices, the ones that tempt you off course? Let's talk today about facing "Ha Satan" "Ho Diabolos" "The Devil" when we are alone, and staying there until we hear the voice of God, and know we are never alone. Rev. Joel L. Tolbert preaching Luke 4.

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