Oconee Presbyterian Church

07-14-19, Pastor Sabbatical, Week 12 of 14, Wont You Be My Neighbor

July 14, 2019

Our pastor, Rev. Joel Tolbert, is away for a well-earned three-month sabbatical, from May through July. Meanwhile, this summer, we welcome guests to lead and preach.

This week, we welcome Rev. Will Norman. The Revised Common Lectionary gave Will the tough text from Luke 10 on the good samaritan on the same weekend that immigration raids and children separation policies were being rampantly enforced. He tried to preach with integrity and was challenged by some in the congregation. The podcast was edited to skip over some other worship moments after the sermon but include Will's invitation and benediction which came at the end of the worship service.

Rev. Will Norman preaching Luke 10

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