Oconee Presbyterian Church

08-11-19, Faith into Action, Week 1 of 4, Holy Polis of God

August 11, 2019

After a three month sabbatical, from May through July, our pastor Rev. Joel returns to the pulpit. He comes back to us to share one of his goals for the Sabbatical... to focus on his own faith. Today, he begins a new sermon series on Faith, what faith is and what faith does in a community, using Hebrews 11-13.

From Hebrews, faith is the "assurance of things we can only hope for, and a conviction of things not seen." Abraham is an example of faith. Well, what did Abraham hope for? What was Abraham so convicted about, that he could not yet see? Abraham believed in the city (polis) of God. Can we see it yet? Do we hope for it? Are we so convicted we will work for it? That is the milk of faith.

Rev. Joel L. Tolbert preaching Hebrews 11

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