Oconee Presbyterian Church

09-08-19, Better Together, Week 1 of 1, Child Youth Adult Groups

September 8, 2019

Jesus started his public ministry by gathering people into crowds and groups. Yes, he would get everyone that could hear together at once, just like we do in worship each Sunday. Then, he also set aside time and space for a smaller group to sit, study, eat, and reflect with him. To be a student, follower, disciple of Jesus means we show up for the big gathering up worship, AND we also commit ourselves to regularly attending a small group. Today, our three ministry staff read scripture and preach, then outline the groups available for Children, Youth, and Adults.

Rev. Christin Norman preaching Ephesians 3, Chris Mokros & Caleb McArthur preaching Colossians 3, Rev. Joel L. Tolbert preaching Luke 5

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